Cyneca is a moniker originated from a time when I was actively studying philosophy in university and deeply into the metal band. I know, the usual pair.

I was a huge fan of witty quotes by stoics in which the passions and pains of life were dictated by the mind, and the name Seneca sounds great. Also, Seneca was the headliner of the first music concert I ever attended. To this day, I still play their instrumental tracks to relax. And some of their harder, metalcore tracks when I want to get pumped for an event.

Basically, Seneca became a name I was fond of in many ways. It was a matter of time before I adopted the title and added my own cynical slant onto it. Portmanteaus are still my favorite.

With Cyneca, I hope to share some of my fondest work and entertain as many as possible. Let me know if you enjoy any of the works posted and how so.