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I’m not sure if I’ve explained the reason I use the name Cyneca for my blog and as a username. There’s actually more than one reason.

Seneca, the band is one of my favorite metals groups. Though they’re no longer together, they are still one of my fave listens whether it’s their metalcore, post-hardcore, or instrumental tracks. Seneca was also the band I ever saw in concert.

Seneca, the Roman philosopher most known for his stoicism was a staple of my own philosophical ideals when considering how an individual should approach life. I don’t think Seneca was as stringent a stoic as most antiquated stoics of that ever, which seems reasonable to me. The basis for Stoicism is brilliant as any philosophy of temperance should be, so Seneca and his writings hold fast for me still today.

Being cynical is something I’ve been told I am on more than one occasion. I’ve embraced that I can be cynical at times, though I now try to only express cynicism when needed. Thus, I am a cynic and the portmanteau lives.

I am a cynic that loves Seneca and is often stoic.


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