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My Next Move Will Be My Best Move

Now that my sci-fi tale, Flawed Machines, is on Amazon and Kindle, I have time to focus more on my other projects. Though Flawed Machines is the catalyst to my written fictional universe, which holds nearly a dozen works to be finished, I’ll use this new free time to complete other sectors of my works.

The immediate next focus of attention is the script I’ve been meaning to finish later last year, The Last Kingdom of Knights. Initially, this story was planned to be a hefty sci-fi, fantasy space adventure that would stretch across many hundreds of thousands of pages in a novel series, but I’ve decided only film would shine the brightest light for this first story, The Mounean Opening, of The Last Kingdom of Knights series. I’m truly excited to finish writing this story!

As far as other projects go, I’ve decided I’ll use my newly earned Notary Public commission to become a Notary Signing Agent. Since I have a wealth of knowledge on real estate from my full-time job at a real estate law firm, I feel becoming a Notary Signing Agent would behoove my writing endeavors by freeing time during the work week. Plus, who actually wants to work eight hours a day for someone else anyway?!

For the past two years, I have dabbled – on and off – with composing various genres of classical pieces. At first, simply to see what they would sounds, but now, I am consumed with the idea of creating some masterful compositions. I won’t too much on what I’m planning to do, but I will say it shall be great by every ratio!

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