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Petrol Power

Just realized this morning I’ve never made a post on cars even though they occupy a sizable portion of my life. I’m also starting to post more car things on my IG account @jtylercopeland as well. Surprising how long it took me to start.

I drive an ’09 335i, pictured below, but I figured I’d list some of my favorite cars as a placeholder until I think of a reasonable topic on cars to write about.


  • Viper SRT10
  • Ram SRT10 (practically all Rams)
  • Firebird WS6
  • Mustang (1st Gen)
  • Camaro ZL1 (because duh)
  • Grand Cherokee SRT8
  • ZR1 (of course)
  • Raptor
  • Trailblazer SS
  • Ford GT


  • Supra (4th Gen; the best by looks alone) ‚̧
  • MR2 (neat roadsters)
  • S2000
  • Corolla GTS (AE86; just a good-looking car)
  • NSX (obligatory)
  • GT-R (R34 cause its the last stick)
  • 370z Nismo
  • 3000GT VR-4
  • R32 (best back end out there)


  • 335i (N54 obviously)
  • 850CSi
  • Alpina B7 (H1)
  • 997 GT2 RS
  • 911 (pretty much all)
  • 1M
  • Golf Rabbit
  • Golf R (just a fun car)
  • e30 (pretty much all of these too)
  • M4 (since they took over M3 coupes)
  • M4 GTS (completely overpriced but)
  • M6 (the sleekest bimmer yet)

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