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Infinite Operation

I’m about two chapters away from finishing my first full-length manuscript. That’s roughly 12% left to write. I’m beyond excited for something that is long overdue!

My story, IO: Flawed Machines, is something I first imagined two years ago, though I haven’t been consistently writing during that whole time. From Sept. 2015 to Jan. 2016, I finished this story in a rough, quickened draft, but felt uneasy after reviewing it. With a little advice and some lengthy research, I started this story over… in its entirety.

Most of spring 2016, I spent endless nights reevaluating plot points, further complicating characters, and adding deeper philosophies into a story I once thought finished. Making this tale as brilliant as I knew it could be became my life’s goal.
This constant writing/planning lasted until my schedule was consumed by my new full-time worklife. Until then, I had only worked part-time and seasonal jobs, so adding a 40-hour workweek (at minimum) into the mix really spiced things up for my free time. Since this new job, I had only fully written short stories and poems.

Flash-forward to August 2017. I started a new job in a new city and was suddenly graced with a plethora of new time. Never had I worked a job in which I was actually bored at work. This instantly became my chance to continue my writing and seize my beginner’s-writing-dream. From my start date on the 16th until now, I have written around 13 of the 24 chapters I planned. That has been about 800-1200 words a day (I could have said 1000 but no) while at work. A novel dream.

Of course, I’ve been busy with more than just work (laying the foundation for my online apparel, composing music, car hobbyist stuff, writing many other stories, and starting/ending a podcast with a friend) so this is a milestone I feel well deserved.

Infinitus Operandi – Infinite Operation; This is the theme of my IO series, clearly it is this acronym, but it means far more. *Acronym, so it should be sounded out as one word, like Jupiter’s moon.* Anyway, the motivations of a few of my main characters become painstakingly clear when read which leads to an overall question to be asked, “Whose controlling who?” Welcome cyclical references. Upon reading, things will begin to unravel and this title will make its importance known.

As possibly stated before (I’m unsure but not scrolling back up) this is a story that means a great deal to me, not so much due to its plots, which are great, but because of the series’s overall tone. It is an infinite operation, continually shaping and peeling layers to reveal its beautiful patterns. Compiled from many influences (Asmiov, Wilde, Quinn, the works of Ichiro Watanabe, Kazunore Ito, and Alan Moore, philsophers of existentialism and idealism, competing ethical theories, symbols in logic, and the art in numbers and science) while retaining a true identity of its own. I hope for this story to be as entertaining for the reader as it was for the author.

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