Hillary’s DC Shuffle: A Polemic Hypothesis

“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, you can’t take part. And you’ve got to put your body upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop.” Mario Savio

This is a Public Service Announcement for both Sanders and Trump supporters: if I may appropriate the immortal sentiment of Hillary Clinton, “you must bring this establishment to heel.” Thanks Hillary. Now, let’s see if it works as well for voters as it did so well for you. I am by no means petitioning for a unified front or suggesting an unholy alliance. I am, however, discouraging any illusions that there is a middle of the road in this election. It’s all or nothing. Now or never. Approaching from two different political poles both contingents of right and left-drifting voters have become totally disenchanted with the ‘establishment’ itself and must remain disenchanted. So, for those voters who desire change but may be on the fence, I implore you, take caution in November. I can’t tell you for whom to vote. *wink* I, myself, am feeling the Bern. But whatever you do or whosoever you choose, do not take the bait and play into the hands of Hillary’s DC Shuffle: Trump plays the Archfiend and Hillary plays the Savior.


People hear “Trump” and cringe. It is truly hard not to visualize the end of times at the mere utterance of the name. Trump surely utters villainous banter ad nauseum, but at the end of the day he is all rhetoric. He’s a mouthpiece. A talking head and I have very little interest in Trump. I am not likely offer him a glass of water were his guts on fire. Wait. Wait. That was a little uncomfortable even for me. Surely, I would offer him a glass of water.  I have a heart and I don’t hate Trump. We are simply not ‘cut from the same cloth’ ‘tis all. That is not to say he isn’t problematic for his use of incendiary language referring to “the Blacks,” or describing immigrants as everything except children of god, and wanting Muslims to wear pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, and purple horseshoes ‘Made in America on the sleeves or lapels.’ But, take into consideration that Trump’s late arrival. He’s piggy-backing and parceling out the sentiments of people like Hillary Clinton and her “super predator” trademark from the early nineties and casting it against a new demographic. I’m neither advocating nor am I absolving Trump of any offense. I’m contextualizing Trump’s role in the 2016 election. Now, “Hillary Clinton.” That’s the name that makes me cringe.


Trump isn’t tossing immigrants into detention center holding cells, breaking up immigrant families while their children are in school, or deporting anyone in record numbers (not yet at least). But I’ll give you a hint who is: ICE + Obama. Trump didn’t create the “welfare queen” nor has he sponsored any racialized crime bills that disproportionately incarcerated black males. Trump is not responsible for the “Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act” repealing Glass-Steagall (that would be Hillary’s husband Bill who she sees fit to be in charge of revitalizing the economy, again). So, Trump cannot be held accountable for its consequences either. These are events his opponent in the presidential election has on her political resume that he does not. If you’re concerned about Trump building a wall to keep people in or out of the country talk to the Palestinians; they can teach you about life under siege. It is also important to consider the relationship Hillary imagines with Israel before condemning Trump. Up to this point in history, Trump has failed to invade any countries or topple legitimate governments and democratically elected leaders: Libya (Hillary); Persian Gulf War II (Bill); Serbia vs. Bosnia, Kosovo (Bill); nor has Trump sponsored any coups in the Honduras (Hillary) and then written about it; her obvious penchant for breaking international law. The Clinton wars have killed real Muslims. Not rhetorical Muslims. If there is to be a presidential candidate deserving of protest it is Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake about it, Hillary is not finished in the Middle East. (See references at the bottom).

But enough nostalgia…

Let’s turn our attention to the Democrat establishment’s unapologetic stacking of the deck against Sen. Bernie Sanders. Hillary’s indisputable wins in the primary are marred in equal number by disputed victories. (Out of curiosity…Are Republicans having any problems at the polls?). The extent of fraud, collusion, disenfranchisement, and misinformation on behalf of the Democratic Party has become legendary (culminating in Nevada) on May 14th. Thus, confirming all suspicion that…

“…there isn’t a lick of democracy left in this country.” None. Nada. Nein. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

America has a moral deficit greater than the national deficit and no manner of ‘business as usual’ will stop its hemorrhaging. Yet the public is concerned about Trump? Really? Stop playing. Donald Trump is a smokescreen. He is a heel and he has been playing that role his entire public life. Whether on his show or in cameo appearances for World Wrestling Entertainment. Trump is a master of media. He was the heel for Barack Obama with the birther movement, a movement Trump himself did not give birth. Trump may well have been the movement’s proliferator but he can scarcely claim to be its propagator.  Trump just did a friend a favor. He got the ball rolling, and of course kept the ball rolling because Trump is Trump. He’s supposed to be contemptible. Trump is doing what he was commissioned to do: hi-jack and sabotage the Republican primaries and hold the party hostage; turn the country against himself, and by consequence, against the GOP. It’s not hard to imagine Trump as a Clinton proxy from the beginning. Hillary even gives Trump a nod in her NY campaign ad with a subtle but very large Trump sign at (00:15)? And it’s common knowledge, the daughters of both candidates, Ivanka and Chelsea, are longstanding, very close friends. A friendship postponed. “Look partisan for the camera, girls. Say, cheese.”

Hillary needs an adversary, rather than an opponent…

This is the fulcrum of Hillary’s campaign. She has to have an arch-nemesis, someone so vile and repugnant that her criminal deeds will be eclipsed. She needs an enemy of POC, women, immigrants, Muslims, and the rest of the world for that matter. And voila! Our savior, Hillary Clinton, rises to battle the forces of evil: Trump, the GOP, and ‘racist’ right-wingers. Trump has no platform. He has a slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Protesters assembled to mobilize against Trump in New Mexico. Protests turn violent. The media fixes onto Trump. Bingo. This happens one week after Honduran protesters confront Hillary Clinton in Chicago about her role in brokering the 2009 Honduran coup only to be ignored by Clinton, media, and people so obsessed with Trump’s rhetoric that Hillary’s record gets shrugged off.

Hillary has no platform either. She has an agender [sic]. A general election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will have nothing to do with the ‘issues.’ She’s proven she can’t win on the issues. No. A general election between Hillary and Trump will be about Hillary Clinton saving the world from Donald Trump. We can’t risk a Trump presidency. Donald Trump poses a top-10 risk event to the world economy. Stop. A billionaire would be a risk to the world economy? Does that make sense? Is Hillary not the greater risk? No. This election cycle is as John Cassidy puts it in The New Yorker: “Hillary Clinton Versus Donald Trump: The Battle Ahead,” plain and simple. Trump’s media monopoly had been to Hillary’s benefit and most likely by design. Her greatest currency in this election is preying on the public’s irrational fears of a Planet Trump. And Trump stirs up fear every day, while Hillary’s past is either forgiven or forgotten. Just save us from Trump. David Rothkopf from Foreign Policy suggests, “There’s only one way to stop the misogynist, racist, policy-illiterate candidate from becoming the next U.S. president.” After thorough examination of Hillary Clinton’s legacy and learnedness Mark Landler for The New York Times concludes, “Thus might the general election present voters with an unfamiliar choice: a Democratic hawk versus a Republican reluctant warrior.” There is no shortage of material framing a cage match.


Bernie Sanders has Hillary Clinton embroiled in a state-by-state contest for the democratic nomination at a time when Hillary was expecting to be mopping the floor with the antichrist (Donald Trump) and deciding what colors to wear at her coronation. Instead, Hillary has no choice other than to subscribe to her own hawkish medicine with “boots on the ground.” She has to show up or shut up. Surprisingly, Bernie Sanders’s resolve to take the fight to the very end is potentially ruining Hillary’s original sketch. Hillary can’t fight Trump and Sanders too; she can’t fight on two different fronts. The democratic imbroglio is proving disastrous for Hillary Clinton as ghosts of her past begin to show themselves. But all these ghosts would pale in comparison to a possible emperor Trump. Not so much against Bernie Sanders. He’s an opponent with an actual platform.

Like any good US proxy might do, Donald Trump is seizing the opportunity to capitalize on a power vacuum. He’s a “Fredo Corleone” of sorts. The GOP candidates were weak, feebleminded, and pale, Trump had only to issue his signature smug look and say “we’ll figure something out.” It was too easy. He has some confidence now and Hillary hasn’t been able to stick to her role. Instead of being able to recite the lines she had been rehearsing Trump is now pondering, “I’m the billionaire. Why shouldn’t I be President? What do I have to lose? It’s not my fault she can’t beat her opponent.”

Trump was a farce that backfired. Who imagined either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders where they are now? No one bet on a galvanized and politicized youth. DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, certainly did not. She predicted Hillary would be making a B-line for the presidency after only four debates! Hillary was so ill-prepared to debate Sanders I still don’t know her platform—on anything. Does she even have a platform? But, lo’ and behold, after being caught off guard in Charleston, SC by Black Lives Matter activist, Ashley Williams, Hillary’s 1996 platform was exposed when, as First Lady, she referred to young black males as superpredators. “We have to bring them to heel,” she says.

Channeling my inner Desi Arnaz, “All right, Hillary, start ‘splaining.”

Pure, blue-blood—crème de la crème—racism. If I may appropriate the sentiment of Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton has earned a special place in hell for the lives she erased with her words that day. But it is the latter half—the battle cry—the “bring them to heel” that plays over and over and over in my mind…because “dogs heel.” And the “we” is obviously a nod to her compatriot white males—her husband in particular. This is not some arbitrary, regrettable slip of the tongue. Hillary Clinton did not flinch. Neither is this some political gaffe. Her words were well thought and rooted in pure hatred of black males. Such hatred doesn’t wither away with time. It takes a spiritual awakening. But that hatred is fermenting still within Hillary. “Dogs heel.” It echoes in my mind, “We have to bring these [dogs] to heel.” What can a person do against such hate? “Bring them [dogs] to heel.”

It wasn’t the coup de grâce to Hillary’s campaign that it should have been, but it was a coup de soleil hard enough to add another dimension to the conversation. It exposed an even greater bigot than Donald Trump gunning for the Presidency. This is a nightmarish scenario the Democratic establishment has to avoid: voters doubting Hillary’s leadership. Unfortunately, while Hillary’s reputation and legitimacy with the youth and middle-class is fast waning—a vote she can ill-afford to lose—Donald Trump is steady at the helm. I am now wondering should “Donald Corleone” really want the presidency, and if he can handle it, “would he be the better candidate” as opposed to Clinton?

Her own worst enemy…

Every Tuesday conservatives and right-wingers, enthusiastically I’m sure, watch the Democratic establishment’s public displays of admirable incompetence; virtually, shooting themselves in the proverbial foot at the polls.  Instead of distancing themselves from the fanaticism of the ‘Tea Party,” liberals decided to make their own “Tea Party,” of sorts, determined to have who and what they wanted long before she announced her campaign and willing to go to any length to realize it. The brazen criminality of liberals will have them hobbling to the November general election where you can ‘betcha bottom dollar’ the buck will stop there. Right-wingers will not tolerate that bullshit the Democratic establishment is pulling at the polls right now. It’ll be an honest election, by golly, if by the barrel of a “thirty-aught-six,” it will be honest. Hence, the Democrats latest act of desperation: proposing an Election Day holiday. Conservatives have vacation time or their going to the polls will be an excused absence, while every nonwhite American will be working overtime or riding with Bernie. And Democrats now know they cannot depend on party unity in November.

Another topic that deserves harsh criticism is the unfounded speculation that “racists” will up the ante after a Trump inauguration. Contrary to belief, you will not see armored and souped-up Ford F150’s with .50 caliber canons mounted in the truck bed roaming the streets. Correction: you will see souped-up trucks, but that’s nothing new. But, right-wing racism is, “no OJ, no straw,” in your face, “now let’s go drink ourselves under the table. Drinks on me good buddy.” Been there. Done that. Had a blast. God bless ‘em. But that’s a playful generalization. Right-wing is not synonymous with racist. That is a prejudice that needs to be smashed, just a liberal is obviously no guarantor of ‘not racist.’ But in the DC Shuffle, Trump supporters have to be viewed just as sinister as Trump. Again, all eyes on Trump. Never mind the game, the players and who’s getting played.

Admit it, Trump did not instigate the racism in this election. It is largely the product of a Republican Congress so hostile to Barack Obama they would ‘cut off their nose to spite their face.’ That’s only the tip of the racial iceberg and the rest of the world knows it (UN CERD Report). For Trump supporters, making America great again is having a white male commander in chief so they can sleep comfortably at night. That’s it! So, pick your battles. Don’t go for the okie-doke.

Libyans? Let god sort ‘em…

For all his inflammatory speech, Trump is nothing more and nothing less than a businessman. Just ask Akbar Al Baker (CEO Qatar Airways). Trump is a business. No matter what happens in this election, from Trump’s end of the bargaining table Trump wins. Sure, he is a problem. But I am terrified of Hillary. She is a clear and present danger to national security and world peace and her impressive curriculum vitae is evidence. United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power voiced her estimate of Hillary during the 2008 presidential race, stating, “She [Hillary] is a monster.” Hillary is a war hawk and celebrates it: “We came, we saw, he died.” Hillary’s brand of neoliberal racism is like rohypnol. You don’t know what hit you while Hillary is behind the bar mixing cocktails right now, like, “I call this one the al-Assad. The depleted uranium brings out the flavor. I think you’ll love it.” She makes economic alliances to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars just to grace Wall Street with her presence and Hillary will go to war for you—literally. Because she has the amount of hate in her that it takes to reduce an entire group of people to dogs.

Finally, adding fuel to the fire, what is one to make of Hillary’s proposal to put Bill in charge of the economy? The only verdict is simple, above all else, Hillary Clinton is a white male supremacist.


*This post was inspired by the genius of Hillary Clinton.

**This post is my hypothesis only. I hope what I offer makes you ask questions. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Check your sources and become informed. If you need help reach out to your nearest academic institution. It’s as simple as that. Do not take any of this on face value. As a matter of fact, don’t take any post on face value.



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